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*1989 in Ernen - lives and works in Basel
mail (at) raphaelstucky.ch

2024  Solo exhibition, Manor Art Prize, Musée d'Art du Valais, Sion

2023 Lying (in the grass), Lokal-int, Biel/Bienne
2021 Ro-ro-rotate, GPS, Le Manoir de la Ville de Martigny
2020 Dienstraum #11, Kunstmuseum Olten
2018 Set and Reset, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
   No corner for the ant to hide, with Claudia Breitschmid, S11, Solothurn
   Vibrato dans les os, with Martin Jakob, L’OV, CAN Centre d'art de Neuchâtel
   A Year Passed, with Claudia Stöckli, ZHdK, Zurich
2016 Noise for Cars, Museum Langmatt, Baden
2015 Schritt halten, Galerie 3000, PROGR, Bern

2023 Echo Chamber Bowls, Twingi Art, Binntal
   Cage no Cage, Zur frohen Aussicht, Ernen
   Stone to the Sun, Grenette, Ferme-Asile, Sion
2022 We are so many here, Regionale 23, Kunsthalle Basel
   Alabaster, Musée d'art du Valais, Sion
   Liebe Grüsse, group exhibition, Museum Langmatt, Baden
   Welcome Stranger, invited by Josiane Imhasly, Lemme, Sion
   The Joy of Transforming Kapital into Art, sales exhibition, Kasko, Basel
   Bang Bang, contribution in a vitrine curated by Chris Regn, Tinguely Museum, Basel
2021 Laube zur schiefen Lage, Cabaret Voltaire at Münsterhof, Zurich
   Animated Matter*, invited by Matthis Pfäffli, La Dépendance, St-Imier
   Piano Piano, Môtiers - Art en plein air, Val-de-Travers
   Kurzer Fall, intervention at Max Frisch Bad, Zurich
   Neck of the Wood, tomorrowsorrow, Zurich Altstetten
   Zirkuliere!, Helmhaus Zurich
2020 City Links, invited by Ilona Rüegg and Jiajia Zhang, Museum Bellerive, Zurich
   Paperwork, Zitrone Manegg, Zurich
   Hortus, in the garden of Samuel Haitz, Zurich
   True Grid, unanimous consent, Zurich
2019 Splendid Isolation, Regionale 20, Kunst Raum Riehen
2018 If it‘s Conceivable it‘s Possible, WallRiss, Fribourg
   Tempo, Zeitfestival: Nacht der 1000 Fragen, Alte Krone, Biel
   From the Studio, MFA Degree Show, ZHdK, Zurich
   Rosebud, Group Show, Milieu, Bern
2017 Kolorit, Klangfestival, mikro, Zurich
   Klangwelten, Zeughaus Kultur, Brig
   Was bleibt?, Küefer-Martis-Huus, Ruggell
2016 Wwork, U10 Art Space, Belgrade
   LISTE TOTAL, Dr. Kuckucks Labrador, LISTE 21, Basel
2015 Camouflage, Zur frohen Aussicht, Ernen
   Going Places, aller-retour, Atelier Mondial, Basel
2014 Retreat. Void. Here, Regionale 15, Kunstraum L6, Freiburg in Br.
   7 Rooms, Regionale 15, Kunst Raum Riehen
   Das Ohr an der Tür, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
   Les Voisins c‘est nous, Galerie Cité des Arts, Paris
   Plattform14, ewz-Unterwerk Selnau, Zurich
2013 Being Specific, Regionale 14, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz

2023 Echo Chamber Bowls (Performance)*, invited by Wallriss/Wallstreet, Fri-Son, Fribourg
   Pentatonische Versenkung*, sound performance, CAN Centre d'art de Neuchâtel
   Echo Chamber Bowls (Performance)*, Twingi Art, Binntal
   Pentatonische Versenkung*, sound performance, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich
   Horizontale*, sound performance, klang*himmel, Biel/Bienne
2022 Nasses Salz, sound performance at Atelierhaus Klingental, Kunsttage Basel
   Pentatonische Versenkung*, sound performance, Radio X & Kasko, Basel
   An Eerie Glow, sound performance with Claudia Stöckli, Cité des Arts, Paris
2021 Concert at WURM*, invited by Michi Zaugg, klappfon, Basel
   La Vie et la Mort, collab with Claudia Stöckli, Cabaret Voltaire at Münsterhof, Zurich
   Broken Lights, concert for the video installation by Philip Frowein, Ahoi, Luzern
   Fiolle*, performance in two parts, La Dépendance, St-Imier
   In diesen Kurven aus Teer & Luft*, sound contribution for Palazzina, Radio X
2020 Gramer*, video screening, Pudel-Rudel, online event
   Pigeons, sound improvisation with Angi Nend, Museum Bellerive, Zurich
   Untitled*, improvisations in two parts, Zur frohen Aussicht, Ernen
   All Eyes on us*, performance, Sattelkammer, Bern
2018 Sound intervention in the exhibition of Martin Jakob, Display, Berlin
   Untitled*, Kaserne Basel, Klang Basel
2017 Pocket Drawings, Volumes 2017, Helmhaus, Zurich
2015 Alpsegen, Videoscreening at Nidwaldner Museum, Stans
2014 175 Jahre Basler Kunstverein, screening at Stadtkino, Kunsthalle Basel

2024 Manor Art Prize, Valais
2016 Hirschmann grant for master‘s degree student
2014 Paris Residency, Christoph Merian Stiftung, Atelier Mondial
2013 Schaffensbeitrag, Valais

2018 MA Fine Arts, ZHdK, Zurich
2013 BA Kunst, HGK, Basel

Member of the Hammer Band, founded by Raphael Stucky and Andreas Thierstein. (since 2018)

Organizer of the Deep Listening Study Group (ZHdK) in which DIY instrument making workshops, listening/jam sessions and concerts take place. (2016–2018)

Member of the coordination team of ∑ - Summe, the networking platform for independent, non-commercial art spaces in Basel. (2014-2017)

Member of the artist-curator-collective Dr. Kuckucks Labrador, Basel, organizing art festivals, exhibitions, performance nights and projects in public space. (2012-2020)

Member of the chanson-punk band Könige Kleiner Länder. (2011–2017)

*Works by the Hammer Band (Raphael Stucky & Andreas Thierstein)